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RV Insurance

RV's are a great way to travel throughout the beautiful state of Montana. Owning an RV has its perks and offers you the convenience of living at home on the road. Insurance for an RV gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected. At Jackson & Iverson Insurance, we offer RV insurance. Here are some things to know about RV insurance.

How Does RV Insurance Work?

RV insurance is similar to others in that you file a claim with us if you cause an accident or damage to others or property. You'll pay a premium, which is the amount to maintain your policy. There's also a deductible, which is the money you pay before the insurance takes over.

RV Insurance Differs from Car Insurance

Since RVs are considered recreational vehicles, they have coverage rules different from cars. RVs can have many bells and whistles like awnings, generators, and sling components that must be insured.

RVs Need Insured Even with Part-Time Usage

Some RV owners think their RV does not need insurance since they only use it occasionally. However, whether you use it daily or occasionally, you still need to have the necessary coverage in case of an accident.

You Can Also Insure Your Belongings

We know in many cases; your RV is like your second home. With that being said, you'll want to have your personal belongings protected. Jewelry, electronics, equipment, and other expensive items can be covered in an unexpected event.

Contact Jackson & Iverson Insurance for RV Coverage

You shouldn't have to worry about protecting your RV when driving through Montana. Our team of specialists can help you create a customized plan for your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an insurance pro from our team.

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